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oh man but stiles actually saying this to her at some point bc he’s all wit and sarcasm and malia keeping a tab of things he says (a la steve rogers’s notebook) bc she’s really trying to figure out this whole human thing even though it’s a huge adjustment for her, she still tries because she’s strong.

so through the magic of the internet she learns what the spice girls are all about; girl power and friendship and how awesome ladies are. lydia and kira become part of her sturdy foundation.

malia slowly but surely learns how amazing it is to have strong friendships with other women and it helps her keep in touch with her human side too (she’s still blunt but she likes to think she’s a bit of a posh spice)

maybe not right away but down the line malia starts really letting go of some of the “survival of the fittest” mentality and uses what’s left to be an amazing and integral member of the mccall pack

[plus, it doesn’t hurt stiles that she took the lyrics/message to ‘2 become 1’ to heart]

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more than u ever could

Black and white advice blog, I follow back similar blogs x

Black and white depression, eating disorder and advice blog, I follow back similar x

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And I feel so cold , this house no longer feels like home .


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